Aleem Hurst looks to corners, edges, and the unnoticed scraps of things we leave around our homes. Domestic spaces and interiors are central to Hurst’s work, as is the desire to rethink how we engage with photography’s dimensionality. The surface of their prints seems to pulsate as they push and pull at the tension of being two-dimensional objects that crave a third dimension.

Aleem is a queer artist currently living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. They received a BFA from Point Park University, and have had their work included in spaces such as Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Bunker Projects and the CVA Clement Gallery at the University of Toledo. They have curated exhibitions within the city of Pittsburgh both independently and alongside the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and have led critiques and workshops at Carnegie Mellon University, Point Park University, and at Silver Eye Center for Photography’s Lab space.